In this course you will taught how to examine the Establishment & Industries. How to reduce the vastu dosha’s without demolishing the original structure. How to enhance the positive vibrations and create good result in a vastu by using the images, colors , paintings etc.

This is a Three Months Certification course.

  • Course Module Based Learning
  • Online Classes with Live Tutor
  • Repetition Possible for Missed Classes
  • Performance Analysis and Report
  • Recorded Lectures for Revision
  • Query Resolving Sessions
    • Part II
    • (Comercial Vastu)

    Office Vastu

    General plan of an office.

    • Reception.
    • Selection & seating arrangement of Directors.
    • Administrative Depatment.
    • Accounts Department.
    • Sales & Marketing Department.
    • Purchase Department.
    • Pantry.
    • Water Coolers.
    • Place For Pooja.

    Business Vastu

    Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts, Banquet Halls.
    General Plan
    Parking , lawns, Reception Block, Seating Arrangements of Guests, Conference room, Guest Rooms, Bar, Swimming pool, Kitchen, Admin block and Accounts.

    Hospitals/Nursing homes/Doctors clinic

    General plan

    • Lawns
    • Reception
    • O.P.D
    • Wards
    • General Labour Room
    • I.C.U
    • Operation Theatre
    • Morgue

    Cinema Halls/ Cine plaza/ Multiplexes

    General Plan
    Auditorium Design, Ticket Windows, Screens and Seating Arrangements, Eateries, Managers and Staff Cabins, Toilets & Parking Zones.

    Financial Institutions/ Banks.

    General plan

    • Reception/ Customer Lounge
    • Cabins of Directors/Managers
    • Work Stations
    • Cash Counters
    • Strong Room/Currency Chest
    • Loan Disbursement Department
    • Cash Deposit Counter/ Payment Counter
    • Parking Space
    • Toilets
    • Central A/c Plants

    Shops & Showrooms

    General plan

    • Seating Position of Shop Owner
    • Facing of Shops - South
      • West
      • East
      • North
    • Cash Counter/ Safe/Cash Box
    • Placement of Stock
    • Pantry
    • Water Container/ Filter
    • Changing Room
    • TV
    • Toilets
    • Mains & Switches

    Educational Institutions/ Colleges/Schools

    General plan

    • Reception
    • Admin Block
    • Parks and Play Ground
    • Swimming Pool
    • Class Rooms
    • Staff Rooms
    • Principal Cabin
    • Labs
    • Part III

    Remedial Vastu

    Vastu principles to remove vastu dosha’s without demolishing the original structure. Use of Color, Metal, Images, Interiors, Idols and Yantra’s to rectify the Dosha’s.

    Pyramid Vastu

    Introduction: Pyramidology
    Use of Pyramid Energy for the betterment of life.
    Use of Pyramids to rectify/Enhance the energy grid.

    • Part IV

    Practical Vastu

    Application of vastu principles on Architectural drawings/ Maps and site visit with the Sr. consultant.

    • Part V

    Earth Energy & Geopathic Stress

    The Earth’s energy grid can be thought of as a web that holds or links the earth together. The earth’s energy grid is effected by many influences i.e. electricity, heat, magnetism, sound and matter etc.
    Where as
    Geopathic Stress is the Earths vibrations which rise up through the Earth and are distorted by weak electromagnetic fields created by subterranean running water, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground cavities. The vibration distorted becomes abnormally high and harmful to living organisms. Introduction and how to to find & remove the Geopathic stress.

  • Pt. Rama kant Sharma
  • Certified Vastu/Vasati Expert

He has vast knowledge and specialization in the field of Vastu/Vasati, and as a matter of experience he is practicing in this field for more than 20 years. he is the only Vastu consultant who has worked on 9 projects of solid waste management Projects in India.