This is a Three months basic course of Astrology. This course lays the foundation of astrology. The course covers basic astronomy, casting the horoscope and fundamentals knowledge of zodiac, planets, rasis and houses. Basic knowledge of delineation is also imparted in order to ascertain strength of horoscope. Effect of transit and muhurta is also covered in this course.

This is three months certification course.

  • Course Module Based Learning
  • Online Classes with Live Tutor
  • Repetition Possible for Missed Classes
  • Performance Analysis and Report
  • Recorded Lectures for Revision
  • Query Resolving Sessions
    • Basic Of Astrology

    Module 1

    • What is astrology (Jyotish Shashtra)? Astrology as a Vedang. Astrology as a science and as an art. Branches of Astrology: Hora , Siddhant and Samhita, Prashna and Shakun.
    • Qualification of an Astrologer. History of Vedic Astrology – Rishis or Teachers of Vedic Astrology, An introduction and famous astrologers.
    • Astrology and karma theory.Types of Karma – Satvik, Rajsik and Tamsik, Dridh, Dridhadridh and Adridh karma, Vaachik, Kaayik and mansik karma.
    • Our fate and free will. Prarabdh and destiny.

    Module 2

    • What is Zodiac? and its division into 12 signs and 27 nakshatra mandal.
    • Moving and fixed Zodiac. Tropical and sidereal zodiac.
    • Ayanamsha. Nirayana and Sayana longitudes.
    • Unit of time. Difference between Vedic and modern units.

    Module 3

    • What is lagna, 12 bhava and 9 planets of a horoscope? North Indian and south Indian Horoscope (differences)
    • Char karaka and Sthir Karaka. Significators of different planets and 12 bhava, Kaalpurush Kundali and body parts.

    Module 4

    • Karakatva of different planets.Their aspects and friendships of different planets.
    • Retrograde (vakri) and combust planets (Asta).
    • Rahu and Ketu as Chhaya Graha.

    Module 5

    • How to cast a horoscope? Lagna calculations, fixing planetary positions.

    Module 6

    • Panchang and its 5 parts. Vaar, Tithi, Nakshatra, Yog and karana and their calculations.

    Module 7

    • What is Vimshottari Mahadasha? Calculation of different periods of Mahadasha, Antardasha and pratayantar dasha.

    Module 8

    • Varga charts : introduction to Shadvarga, Saptvarga, Dashvarga and Shodashvarga. Hora Chart, Drekkan chart, Saptamsha chart, Navamsha chart, Dashmansha chart, Dwadashamsha and Dwadashamsha Chart.

    Module 9

    • Yoga : Lunar Yoga, Solar Yoga, Yoga from lagna. Other important Yogas.
  • Sunil Kumar Sharma
  • Vedic Astrology Teacher

Faculty member at Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS) since 2009. Currently serving as secretary at ICAS.